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Info : About Me

My name is Lynda and I’m an artist. I’ve wanted to say that my whole life. I’ve always admired artists and wished that I were one. I admire artists’ ability to really see their world. I’m in awe of how they can interpret what they see and, through movement and gesture, capture their vision and make it tangible. And, I applaud them for having the courage to share their interpretation with the world.

I always thought that I was an artist trapped in a non-talented body. I was too busy being a student, wife, mother, scientist, teacher, & counselor to work on becoming what I wanted to be. But retirement is wonderful. Soon after retiring in 2007 I stumbled upon a workshop on Chinese watercolor, and I fell in love. I’m in love with the media and the vibrant colors and I’m in love with the subjects that lend themselves to this media.

There are several people who have helped me on my journey. Somewhere around 1979, I took a series of drawing classes at College of the Canyons from a wonderfully talented artist, Joanne Julian. Joanne is a patient and kind person who taught me that drawing skills can be learned. She taught me that practice and repetition do lead to improvement. Most importantly, she helped me learn to see, rather than just to look at the world. You can view Joanne’s amazing art at www.joannejulian.com.

In 2007 I met Karen Mills, and she has been my watercolor instructor ever since. Karen is a master of Chinese watercolor. Her effortless style and incredibly beautiful paintings both intimidate and inspire me. She is an excellent teacher who believes in “happy accidents” and encourages “fantasy flowers.” Check out her web site, www.ricepaperart.com, to see examples of the painting skill to which I aspire.

In the summer of 2009 my husband and I went to Santa Barbara to escape the air quality in Santa Clarita caused by days of wild fires. While strolling along the art show at the beach, I was drawn to the art of Mick Lestrade. In my mind, his work embodied everything that was missing from my own… whimsy and playfulness and freedom. My own work by comparison seemed tight and controlled. I kept coming back to a painting entitled “Something’s Fishy,” and I knew I had to have it. Renamed Sushitwo, it now hangs in my living room and inspires me daily to relax and enjoy the process. Until I met Mick, I kept all of my paintings in a drawer. His work inspired me to start framing my own art which was a major turning point in my journey. You can see Mick’s wonderfully playful art at www.saatchionline.com/MickLestrade.

In addition to these three amazing artists who have taught me and inspired me, my husband, Jim, has encouraged me. He critiques my work, always in a positive way, and he is always supportive of the time and energy I put into this passion. My sons, Kevin & Kyle, who are both talented graphic artists, have been enthusiastic supporters of my work. Kevin has designed, built, and provided all the technical know-how for this web site. Please enjoy your visit to my site. My name is Lynda. I am an artist.

Contact me at lyndafrautnick@yahoo.com